Well Done Steaks

1/2 lb Ground Pork

1/2 lb Ground Beef


2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

Salt & Pepper to taste

Red Food Coloring as needed

-Mix pork, beef, one egg , salt, pepper, and Worcestershire together.

-Shape into small football shapes (When cooking they will plump up so exaggerate your shape a bit)

-Cook meatballs in a pan on medium-high heat until outsides and seared and sealed.

-Place on a greased baking pan and cook in oven at 350 for about 10 minutes (until cooked thoroughly)

-(Optional) Mix the other egg in 1 tbsp of cool water and some red food coloring together (the egg will make it look pink, it will cook to red)

-Baste on colored egg wash and return to oven until egg is fully cooked (2-3 minutes)

-Once meatballs are cooked, take art dough bone ends (see below) and place into each side of the meatball. A knife may help with making a starting hole to put the bone in.

Art Dough Recipe (AKA Salt Dough, does not taste good)

1 Cup Flour

1/2 Cup Water

1Cup Salt

-Mix all ingredients together until a dough ball is formed

-Knead on a flowered surface for about 3-5 minutes to stiffen dough slightly

-Allow mixture to sit in a covered bowl for about 30 minutes

-Remove dough and knead a bit more

-Shape dough. In this case, try to make a bone/T shape. Make enough of an end that it can be stuck into the meat.

-Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes - 1 hour or until hard all the way through


It tastes very bad and if done correctly, should be hard as a rock



Finally posting my finished short zine after about a month…. or two months. Here’s the cover and inside cover! Composition for the cover looks a little off like this, though the zine was meant to be printed and folded in half so I had to move everything away from the seam, like so:

For the inside cover, I came up with the idea for having a daytime scene for when you opened up the zine and a nighttime scene for when you got to the end of it. The words aren’t shown right side up here because I needed them to read right-side up when printed out.

I brought and sold 5 of these at TCAF at the OCADU student table, so that was pretty cool!